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Raspberry Pi camera and servos

You just got a raspberry pi and are in the mood for some hacking.

Let’s try a “simple” project to take a panoramic photo.

You’ll need additional parts:

Some software to combine the photos:

Some code to control servos and take photos:

The camera module is able to take 5 megapixels still photos, which is not a lot nowadays. By taking multiple photos and moving the camera around with the servos you’ll create a panorama or a photosphere.

You can use the GPIO pins to control and power the servos. Pins 7 and 18 will work for PWM. Use a couple of 5V pins for power.

After the wiring is done ssh into the Rpi and run the following:

$ git clone

$ cd pinorama/scripts

$ source

The script will run on a loop, taking photos and moving the camera to a different angle as shown in the video:

After all the photos are taken, use hugin to combine them.

If you do the whole project, please add the link to the final photo to the comments.

This is a nice hack project, but if you want to get serious about controlling servos with the RPi please review

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